Enrichment Map Object

API Endpoints/resources/v2.1/mapping-enrichment/{mapping_enrichment_id}/map
Supported MethodsPOST, GET, PATCH, DELETE

Enrichment Map Parameters

total_countTotal number of results. Returned with a GET call only.Integer473
itemsThe mapping data, in a JSON bodyArray of strings"items": [ { "application": "sale24s", "yes_sir": "first_tag_dynamic_value_2", "no_sir": "second_tag_dynamic_value_2" }, { "application": "billing23", "yes_sir": "first_tag_dynamic_value", "no_sir": "second_tag_dynamic_value" } ]


Mapping Enrichment Tables are initially uploaded as CSV files. When managing individual map rows or retrieving mapping enrichment tables, the results will be returned as a JSON object.