Diagnostics Log Object

Defines the schema for a Diagnostics log.


The Troubleshooting object schema includes the following attributes:

log_idSystem-generated unique identifier for the log record."id": "1234a53b6789c12d3efg45h"
log_typeType of logged event."log_type": "invalid_payload"
messageBrief message describing the event."message": "‘timestamp’ must be a time in Unix format (UTC timezone)"
levelLevel of logged event. One of: error, warning, or info."level": "error"
timestampUnix epoch time when the event occurred (in seconds)."timestamp": 1594283448518
component_nameName of the component reporting the event.

In the current state, "inbound" value is the only component that is supported.
"component_name": "Inbound"
resource_idSystem-generated unique identifier for the resource."resource_id": "nagios.production"
payloadThe received event object.When "component_name" = "Inbound", payload_raw is the received message from source system.