Alerts Object

Defines the schema for an alert that is contained in a BigPanda incident.

API Endpoint{incident ID}/alerts/
Supported MethodsGET


The Alerts object schema includes the following attributes:

idSystem-generated unique identifier for the alert."id": "57da76d24cdb1f3a54ce25a0"
statusCurrent state of the alert. One of [critical, warning, unknown, ok]."status" : "critical"
activeWhether the alert has been resolved."active": true
startedOnUnix epoch time when the alert was first received (in seconds)."startedOn": 146641685
changedOnUnix epoch time when the last change to alert status occurred (in seconds)."changedOn": 1466417169
updatedOnUnix epoch time when the last change to an alert occurred (in seconds)."updatedOn": 1466417169
endedOnUnix epoch time when the alert status was set to ok (in seconds)."endedOn": null
primary_propertyMain object that triggered the alert. See Primary property."primary_property": "host"
secondary_propertySecondary object or sub-item that triggered the alert."secondary_property": "check"
source_systemIntegrated monitoring system that sent the alert to BigPanda, in the following format: <source type>.<integration name>."source_system": "nagios.nagios_east"
descriptionBrief summary (max. 2048 characters) of the alert for certain monitoring tools."description": "CRITICAL - Host Unreachable"
tagsArray of name-value pairs that represent alert properties.


- name - Tag name in BigPanda.
- value - Tag value in BigPanda. Note: Tag values are limited to 15 items and/or 512 characters total.
"tags":[ {"name":"host","value":"production-database-1"}, {"name":"check","value":"CPU load"} ]