User Object

Defines the schema for configuring a User Account

API Endpoint
Supported MethodsPOST, GET, PATCH, DELETE


The Users object schema includes the following attributes.

idUnique identifier for the SCIM Resource as defined by the Service ProviderString"id" : "2819c3861555646"
userNameUnique identifier for the User, typically used by the user to directly authenticate to BigPandaString"userName": "[email protected]"
displayNameThe name of the user as displayed in the BigPanda UIString"displayName": "Becky Sterling"
metaTags containing metadata about the user account.

created - The DateTime ( ISO 8601) the resource was added to the Service Provider

location - The URI of the resource being returned
Object"meta": { "created": "2016-09-22T08:40:19.996Z", "location": ""
activeIndicates if the user's administrative status is active and can authenticate to BigPanda.Boolean "active": true
passwordThe user's initial clear text password.
This attribute is used to specify an initial password when creating a new User.
This value will never be returned by a Service Provider in any form
phoneNumbersThe user’s phone number. BigPanda supports only 1 phone number per user

value - the string with the phone number

type - what type of number. Options are: work, home, other
Object"phoneNumbers": [ { "value": "555-555-5555", "type": "other" } ]
rolesA list of BigPanda roles assigned to the userArray of Strings"roles": [ "admin", "user" ]