Create Mapping Enrichment Row

Updates an enrichment map to create a new map row



All BigPanda APIs require Bearer Token Authorization in the call headers.

This API uses the User API Key type of Authorization token.


Use this action to update specific rows in an existing mapping enrichment table. To completely replace the existing table, see Create Mapping Enrichment Table Using CSV.

  • create— add anew row to the table. Requires values for every column in the row. If the row already exists, the call will fail.

Because it is a potentially long-running action, the table update is performed asynchronously. Therefore, the immediate response indicates only whether the request was properly formatted and, if it was, provides a URL for checking the status of the upload.


Tag Limitations

To maintain quality of service, BigPanda limits the number of alert tags and enrichment items available. Each organization can have:

  • 1000 alert tags
  • 500 enrichment items per alert tag
  • 20,000 alert enrichment items total
  • 200 mapping enrichment results tags

If more alert tags or enrichment items are needed, we recommend exploring normalization options to help streamline your alert data and improve incident quality.