Roles Object

Defines the schema for configuring a Role.

API Endpoint
Supported MethodsPOST, GET, PUT, DELETE


The Roles object schema includes the following attributes:

nameThe name of the role as seen in the UI.String
idUnique system identifier for the role.String
usersAn array of user IDs associated with the role.Array
created_byThe unique ID associated with the user who created the role.String
created_atUnix epoch time when the role was created (in seconds).Timestamp
updated_atUnix epoch time when the role was last updated (in seconds).Timestamp
permissionsA list of permissions associated with the role.

Each permission grants access to a specific resource_type, which is an area in BigPanda. See Roles and Resource Permissions for more information.


resource_id - (Optional) The id of the permission. This field is only necessary when the role grants access to a specific environment. For all other roles, this field should be left blank. See the Environments Roles documentation for more information.

actions - An array of available actions this permission grants Options include: read, full_access, incident_actions (incident_actions is only available for environment type permissions.)

resource_type - The name of the permission type

Sample Object:

    "name": "Admin",
    "users": [
    "permissions": [
               "resource_type": "environments",
               "resource_id": "624e114fb4d7581100179111",
               "actions": "read"
               "resource_type": "users",
               "actions": "read"