Maintenance Plans Object

Defines the schema for configuring a maintenance plan.

API Endpoint<>
Supported MethodsPOST, GET, PATCH, DELETE


The Maintenance Plans object schema includes the following attributes:

idSystem-generated unique identifier for a maintenance plan.String"id" : "1234a53b6789c12d3efg45h"
statusThe maintenance plan's status.String“status”: ”expired”
maintenance_keyThird party (Jira, ServiceNow, etc.) system key. If not provided, a BigPanda identifier is generated for the plan.String"maintenance_key": "CNG-17810"
nameUser-defined name for the plan.String"name" : "Plan-SJC"
conditionMaintenance condition in BPQL Object format. Cannot be longer than 80,000 characters.String"condition": {"=": ["host", "prod-api-1"]}
startUnix epoch time when the scheduled plan starts (in seconds)String“start”: “1234567”
endUnix epoch time when the scheduled plan ends (in seconds).String“end”: “1234999”
descriptionBrief user defined summary of the maintenance plan.String"description" : "Maintenance Plan for the SJC servers to be upgraded"
custom_tagsMetadata about the plan in an array of key:value pairs.Array of Objects"custom_tags" : [ { "name" : "app", "value" : "esp"} ]
created_atUnix epoch time when the plan was created (in seconds).Long"created_at" : 1493922189
created_byThe ID of the user who created the plan.String"created_by" : "Administrator 1"
updated_atUnix epoch time when the plan was last updated (in seconds).Long"updated_at" : 1372854204
updated_byThe ID of the user who last updated the plan.String"updated_by" : "Administrator 2"