Alert Filter Plan Object

Defines the schema for configuring an alert filter.


Renamed API

The Alert Filter Plans API was previously called V1 Maintenance Plans or V1 Plans. The functionality of the API has not changed, but the name has been updated to clarify which BigPanda feature the API manages.

| API Endpoint | |
| Supported Methods | POST, GET, PATCH, DELETE |


The Alert Filter Plan object schema includes the following attributes:

idSystem-generated unique identifier for the alert filter.String"id" : "1234a53b6789c12d3efg45h"
nameUser defined name for the alert filter.String"name" : "Filter-SJC"
descriptionBrief summary of the alert filter.String"description" : "Filter for the SJC server upgrade"
bpqlThe BPQL object to identify which alerts will be filtered.JSON"bpql" : "=" : "prod-sjc-5"
exclude_statusA list of alert status values that will be excluded from the filter. With new filters, the OK status is excluded by default unless exclude_status is explicitly declared in the payload.Array of Strings"exclude_status" : [ "Ok" ]
activeWhether the filter is active and will apply to incoming alertsBoolean"active" : "true"
created_onDate and time the filter was created in ISO 8601 format.Long"created_on" : 1493922189
created_byThe ID of the user who created the filter.String"created_by" : "Administrator 1"
updated_onDate and time the filter was last updated in ISO 8601 format.Long"updated_on" : 1372854204
updated_byThe ID of the user who last updated the filter.String"updated_by" : "Administrator 2"
scheduleThe ID of the schedule associated to the filter.String"schedule" : "590b68f31f00001d0063753b"
custom_tagsMetadata about the plan in an array of key-value pairs.

- name - Ordered pair tuple name. String
- value - Object value. String
Array of Objects"custom_tags" : [ { "name" : "app", "value" : "esp"} ]