OIM Alerts

Send alerts using the API to the Open Integration Manager.

The Open Integration Manager enables you to create customizable inbound alert integrations through the configuration of a generic inbound integration rather than creating custom code. The integration manager sets parsing rules for incoming payloads, preprocessing the content to match incoming data requirements before it reaches the BigPanda enrichment engine.

The OIM Alerts API allows you to easily integrate a monitoring system with BigPanda. Monitoring systems generally send out events when problems are detected and when problems have been resolved.

The API receives event payloads from a monitoring system. Incoming events sent via the API are processed according to OIM settings and BigPanda alert correlation logic. Depending on the results of the correlation, the system then creates a new incident or updates an existing incident based on Event Aggregation rules.


To manage integration configuration rules for the Open Integration Manager via API, use the OIM Configuration API.



The Open Integration Manager offers additional flexibility with authentication parameters. The following syntax can be used for the Token and App Key:

Auth Token:
query string: access_token=<token>
header: Authorization: Bearer <token>
header: x-auth-token: <token>

App Key:
query string: app_key=<app_key>
header: x-app-key: <app_key>
header: app_key: <app_key>
body: { "app_key": "<app_key>" }

This means that an alert can be sent to BigPanda even if the monitoring tool is not able to include any information in the API call's header, like in the example below:

Sending Multiple Alerts

BigPanda uses the timestamp to determine the latest status of an incident. If it is not included, BigPanda uses the time when the alert is received. To ensure that BigPanda accurately reflects the current status, when sending multiple alerts, you must include the timestamp for each alert or sort the alerts array by when the events occurred, in ascending order.

To send multiple alerts, you must also select the Create multiple alerts using checkbox option within OIM and specify the name of the alerts array (which may be alerts or something else), and save your integration configuration.

️Resolving Alerts

To maintain only the most relevant information in the incident feed, we recommend configuring monitoring systems to send resolving events to BigPanda when an alert is no longer active.

Available Methods

MethodAPI EndpointDescription
Send OIM AlertsPOST <https://integrations.bigpanda.io/oim/api/alerts>Sends event data to OIM for processing.