Environment Object

Defines the schema for configuring an Environment

API Endpointhttps://api.bigpanda.io/resources/v2.0/environments
Supported MethodsPOST, GET, PATCH, DELETE


The Environments object schema includes the following attributes:

idSystem-generated unique identifier for an environment.String
nameUser-defined name for the environment.String
filterBPQL Filter to set conditions for the environment.String
created_atUnix epoch time when the environment was created (in seconds).Long
created_byThe ID of the user who created the environment.String
updated_atUnix epoch time when the environment was last updated (in seconds).Long
updated_byThe ID of the user who last updated the environment.String

Sample Object:

  "name": "Production Crits",
  "id": "60b796b886d4050040dc9192",
  "created_at": 1622644409,
  "updated_at": 1622644409,
  "updated_by": "608ffeefcc86eff26b51412a",
  "created_by": "608ffeefcc86eff26b51412a",
  "filter": "incident_tag.priority=P1 AND source IN [nagios]"