Update Alert Enrichment Item

Update parameters for a specific enrichment item (Enrichment V2)



All BigPanda APIs require Bearer Token Authorization in the call headers.

This API uses the User API Key type of Authorization token.

Literal Pipes in Tag Values

Pipes: | are used in BigPanda as a delimiter for array values.
If the value should have a literal pipe, wrap the entire cell in three quotes:
"""this is a | literal pipe"""
If the value should have both a literal pipe and quotation marks, then the cell should be wrapped in three quotes, and the quoted text needs to be wrapped in four quotes:
"""this is a | literal pipe with """"quoted"""" text"""


The Enrichments API supports updating attributes of an existing enrichment. If the structure of your mapping enrichment tables changes and you need to update the schema definition, you must deactivate the existing enrichment and create a new enrichment for the updated schema definition.