The Roles API enables you to manage user roles within BigPanda.

The Roles API is a tool to help you manage user roles in the BigPanda system, enabling you to bulk manage even large and complex permissions.

Use the Roles API to create, retrieve, update, and delete roles from the BigPanda UI.


Authentication Necessary

All BigPanda APIs require Bearer Token Authorization in the call headers.

This API uses the User API Key type of Authorization token.

Available Object and Actions

The Roles API provides the following object:

ObjectDescriptionSupported MethodsAPI Endpoint
RolesDefines the schema for configuring a Role.POST, GET, PUT, DELETE

Use the Roles API to perform these actions:

Create a RolePOST
Creates a new role
Retrieve All RolesGET
Retrieves a list of all roles
Update a RolePUT
Updates a role by role ID
Delete a RoleDELETE
Deletes a role from the system
Retrieve a Role by IDGET
Retrieves a role by a specific role ID