Release Notes - April 2020

What's New: Incident Overview and BPQL enabled for changes search.

Release Notes - March 2020

What's New: We've upgraded Kafka and our newest Topology visualization feature is now public.

Release Notes - February 2020

What's New: SSL certificate updates.

Release Notes - January 2020

What's New: An "All Systems" option when creating new environments in the BigPanda environment builder.

Release Notes - December 2019

What's New: Search enhancements now allow you to search for specific comments within incidents.

Release Notes - November 2019

What's New: Last Event Timestamp, SSO Just-In-Time and optimized UI functionality.

Release Notes - October 2019

What's New: Unified search enhancements, a SNMP Agent bug fix and Security enhancements.

Release Notes - September 2019

What's New: We've added new integrations and upgraded our enrichment service input.

Release Notes - August 2019

What's New: Enhanced alert routing and upgraded Enrichment queuing.

Release Notes - July 2019

What's New: ElasticSearch cluster optimization, ReactJS incorporation, and Splitting/Merging incidents.