Release Notes - September 2021

What's New: Incident Tags Retention

Release Notes - July 2021

What's New: Improved AutoShare Editor, Environments Query Language Support, and New Environments API

Release Notes - June 2021

What's New: Improved Correlation Patterns Editor

Release Notes - May 2021

What's New: Assignee Filter, BigPanda Formula Language (BPFL)

Release Notes - March 2021

What's New: Service Now Changes - maintenance module, Dynatrace integration update (tags support), New Relic integration update (fix support for Targets array).

Release Notes - January 2021

What's New: Integration Diagnostics Filtering and Search

Release Notes - December 2020

What's New: Audit Logs API

Release Notes - November 2020

What's New: New Integration Diagnostics Tool, New ServiceNow Integration

Release Notes - September 2020

What's New: Datadog & Azure Monitor Integration, Content Security Policy

Release Notes - August 2020

What's New: Splunk Integration, Signed SSO