Release Notes - May 2022

What's New: Revamped Login Page, Email Parser UI

Release Notes - March 2022

What's New: Enrichment Preview Improvements, Get Activities API Endpoint

Release Notes - February 2022

What's New: BPFL - Filter Function, Self Service Email Parser, Mobile Improvements

Release Notes - January 2022

What's New: Settings Menu Change, Invite User Updates

Release Notes - December 2021

What's New: Correlation Patterns API, UI Facelift

Release Notes - November 2021

What's New: Updated ServiceNow App, Incidents API V2, Improved API Reference Hub, Enrichment Preview Performance Improvements

API Reference Hub Enhancement

The docs site API Reference Hub is updating to add functionality and make understanding BigPanda APIs simpler.

ServiceNow Enhancements Nov 21

The BigPanda ServiceNow App now supports even more functionality to deepen and improve the management of ServiceNow incidents. This latest version includes new features for:

Release Notes - October 2021

What's New: AppDynamics V2.0, Incident Tags Increased Data Retention, AutoShare on Environment Change

Automatic Incident Triage General Availability

We are happy to announce the upcoming General Availability of Automatic Incident Triage (AIT). AIT simplifies and shortens triage by automatically adding actionable business context to incidents. You can define conditions to automatically calculate incident tag values, and trigger workflows both within BigPanda and external collaboration tools based on tag values to streamline the incident management lifecycle.