Users (BETA)

The BigPanda SCIM Users API is used by SSO partners to help provision and manage user accounts and roles.


SCIM V1 API End of Life

V1 of the SCIM Users API will be retired on February 19, 2024. The API will no longer be supported beginning November 19, 2023.

We encourage organizations to move their user management to the V2 SCIM Users API. The improved version of the API provides improved authentication, performance, and user experience.

If you are using the V1 Users API, it is easy to migrate to the improved SCIM Users API with a few simple steps. Read about migration best practices and functionality differences in the SCIM Users API Release Notes.

The Users API allows for API based management of users in the BigPanda system. This can be especially useful when bulk managing a particularly high number of users or when an existing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or external directory system is in place.

For example, In a scenario where a company hires or loses employees, they are added and removed from the company's employee directory. This directory can be synced with BigPanda's via the Users API to automatically add & delete accounts in parallel.


The Users API is based on the open standard System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM): Protocol 1.1. SCIM is an open standard used for automating the exchange of user identity information between identity domains or IT systems. Its purpose is to facilitate and ease the management of user identities in cloud based applications.

It uses a standardized API through REST with data formatted in JSON or XML. BigPanda conforms to JSON based REST API's, so the rest of this document will focus on JSON definitions of a SCIM Users API.


Rate Limitations

To maintain quality of service, BigPanda APIs are limited to 5 requests per second.
Additional requests will return a 429 response code and the request will need to be retried.

Available Actions

Use the Schedules V1 API to perform these actions:

Retrieve ConfigurationGET /scim/ServiceProviderConfigsRetrieves the service provider configuration details of BigPanda's SCIM API.
Create UsersPOST /scim/UsersCreates a new user.
Retrieve a SchemaGET /Schemas/urn:scim:schemas:core:1.0:UserRetrieves the schema definitions for a specific Users SCIM schema.
Retrieve All SchemasGET /scim/SchemasRetrieves the schema definitions for all Users SCIM schemas.
Retrieve All UsersGET /scim/UsersRetrieves the schema definitions for all users.
Update a UserPATCH /scim/Users/{id}Updates a specific user account.
Delete a UserDELETE /scim/Users/{id}Deletes a specific user account and removes it from the system.