Linking to Unified Searches

When you use unified search, the search parameters are appended to the URL of the results page. You can use this feature to share a link to your search with your teammates or to save a commonly run search as a bookmark.

Sharing and Saving Search Links

  1. At the top of the screen, click the Search tab.
  2. Run a search and apply filter criteria, as desired.
  3. To share the link, copy the URL in the browser address bar and send it to the desired recipients.
  4. To save the link, add a bookmark in your browser to the search results page.


Viewing Search Results

You must be logged in to BigPanda to view search results.

Using URL Parameters for Searches

You can use URL parameters to run or refine a unified search.


To include a search parameter in a URL, use the following syntax:<parameter 1>=<value 1>&<parameter 2>=<value 2>

For example, to search for all Nagios alerts containing phx*db that were active at some time within the last hour, use the following URL:*db&source=nagios.*&timeframe=-1h


Syntax Rules






Keyword or query in BPQL



BigPanda Environment filter



Source type or integration filter, in the following format:

  • <source type>.*: all integrations of the same source type
  • <source type>.<integration name>: a specific integration



Time frame filters:

  • -1h: last hour
  • -2h: last 2 hours
  • -6h: last 6 hours
  • -24h: last 24 hours
  • -7d%2Fd: last 7 days
  • from, to: custom time frame with specific start and end times, in Unix Epoch timestamp (milliseconds) format.



Environment and Source Values

The values for the environment and source parameters are unique, internal names that may be different from the descriptive names shown in the UI. If the URL parameters are not returning the expected results, try adjusting the filters on the Search tab and note the parameter values in the URL.