Adding Incident Tags

You can add tags to your incidents to add context and details to your BigPanda incidents, enabling better correlation and faster troubleshooting.

Incident tags are key-value pairs that allow you to quickly see summary information for a particular incident rather than needing to review all of the related alerts. Each tag has two parts: the tag name and the tag value. For example: Cluster: ProdBP.

Incident tags will appear on both the Incident Feed and in the Overview tab of the Incident Details pane.

Adding Tags to Incidents

You can add previously created Incident tags to your incidents. To learn about creating Incident tags, see the Managing Incident Tags documentation

To add tags to incidents:

  1. In the Incidents tab, select an incident you wish to review
  2. In the Incidents Details pane, incident tags appear at the top of the Overview section
Viewing Incident TagsViewing Incident Tags

Viewing Incident Tags

  1. Select a tag you wish to edit and click the tag value
  2. Enter the appropriate values in the editable field

Tags may be a text or multi-value type.

Text tags allow you to include a single text string up to 256 characters. This free text tag allows you to add customized information such as a ticket number or note. When you are happy with your text tag, click Save.

Multi-value tags allow you to add several individual text tags. Multi-value tags allow you to list key information such as the organization’s services or regions affected by the incident. When you are happy with each individual tag, click Create or hit Enter or Tab on your keyboard.


All tag changes will appear in the Activity section.

Incident tags remain tied to an incident for up to 18 months after it has been resolved.

Managing Incident Tags

Incident tags can be configured to fit the specific needs of your organization. To learn more about configuring incident tags, please see the Managing Incident Tags documentation.

To learn more about how Incident Tags work in BigPanda, please see the Incident Tags Documentation.