Schedule Object

Defines the schema for configuring a schedule.

API Endpoint
Supported MethodsPOST, GET, PATCH


The Schedules object schema includes the following attributes:

idSystem-generated unique identifier for a schedule.String"id": "590b68f31f"
nameUser defined name for a schedule.String"name": "Weekend Maintenance for Plan-SJC"
descriptionBrief user defined summary of the schedule.String"description": "Scheduling the Maintenance window for the weekend."
starts_onUnix epoch time when the schedule starts (in seconds).Long"starts_on": 1493989407
ends_onUnix epoch time when the schedule ends (in seconds).Long"ends_on": 1495089407
durationThe calculated time between the ends_on and starts_on in seconds.Long"duration": 100000
created_onUnix epoch time when the schedule was created (in seconds).Long"created_on": 1493922189
created_byThe ID of the user who created the schedule.String"created_by": "Administrator 1"
updated_onUnix epoch time when the plan was last updated (in seconds).Long"updated_on": 1372854204
updated_byThe ID of the user who last updated the schedule.String"updated_by": "Administrator 2"
activeIndicates if the schedule is active and will be processed on the start time.Boolean"active": true