Plans Object

Defines the schema for configuring a plan and schedule.

API Endpoint
Supported MethodsPOST, GET, PATCH, DELETE


The Plans object schema includes the following attributes:

idSystem-generated unique identifier for a maintenance plan.String"id" : "1234a53b6789c12d3efg45h"
nameUser defined name for a plan.String"name" : "Plan-SJC"
descriptionBrief user defined summary of the maintenance plan.String"description" : "Maintenance Plan for the SJC servers to be upgraded"
bpqlThe BPQL object to query.JSON"bpql" : "=" : "prod-sjc-5"
exclude_statusA list of alert status values that will be excluded from the maintenance plan. With new plans, the example value is applied by default unless exclude_status is explicitly declared in the payload.Array of Strings"exclude_status" : [ "Ok" ]
activeIndicates that the plan is active and will be processed on the start time.Boolean"active" : "true"
created_onDate and time the plan was created in ISO 8601 format.Long"created_on" : 1493922189
created_byThe ID of the user who created the plan.String"created_by" : "Administrator 1"
updated_onDate and time the plan was last updated in ISO 8601 format.Long"updated_on" : 1372854204
updated_byThe ID of the user who last updated the plan.String"updated_by" : "Administrator 2"
scheduleThe ID of the schedule associated to the plan.String"schedule" : "590b68f31f00001d0063753b"
custom_tagsMetadata about the plan in an array of key-value pairs.

- name - Ordered pair tuple name. | String
- value - Object value. | String
Array of Objects"custom_tags" : [ { "name" : "app", "value" : "esp"} ]