Send monitoring events from Sematext Cloud to BigPanda.

Sematext Cloud is an all-in-one observability solution for modern-day software-based companies that provides key insights into front-end and back-end performance. Sematext encompasses infrastructure, real user & synthetic monitoring, transaction tracing, and log management. Sematext gives businesses full-stack visibility by exposing key performance issues quickly and easily through a single Cloud or On-Premise solution.

Sematext Cloud’s integrations let you collect metrics, logs, user sessions, and events across your whole stack. Sematext goes beyond detecting anomalies but also uncovers your slowest transactions, page loads, API reliability, website availability, monitors communication between servers and applications, etc.

Sematext includes a fully integrated Kibana and exposes the Elasticsearch API.
It works with all standard logging facilities and agents (such as syslog, Logstash, Fluentd, Flume, nxlog, Filebeat, etc) and integrates in minutes.

Supported VersionsTypeAuthentication Type
SaaS DeploymentsWebhookOrg Bearer Token


Sematext Enterprise vs. Cloud

Sematext Enterprise is Sematext Cloud for deployment on a customer’s own infrastructure.


From BigPanda

  1. In the BigPanda console, navigate to the Integrations menu.
  2. Select the New Integration button.
  3. Select Alerts REST API from the available choices.
  4. Create an App Key for the Sematext integration.
  • Type in an Integration Name (Sematext).
  • Select Generate App Key.
  • Copy or note down the generated App Key for Step 3 in the next section.
  • Copy or note down the exposed Bearer Token for Step 3 in the next section. This ID can be found by scrolling down the page, like in the highlighted text of the screen capture below.

Bearer Token

From Sematext

  1. In the Sematext dashboard, navigate to the Integrations menu.
  2. Scroll down to find the BigPanda logo under Notification Hooks .
  3. In the New BigPanda Hook menu, enter the following.
  • Name: Any name to denote the BigPanda integration.
  • Token: copied bearer token
  • App Key: copied app key