Use the BigPanda Jira application for a convenient & deep integration between BigPanda and Jira.

The BigPanda Jira App

The BigPanda application for Jira is a native Jira application that enables easy setup of multiple different integrations between BigPanda and Jira. Read on to learn more about the different integrations the BigPanda application provides.

Issues Integration

The Jira Issues integration allows you to automatically create Jira issues from correlated, insight-rich incidents in BigPanda. Jira Issues and BigPanda Incidents are automatically synchronized throughout their life-cycle, ensuring relevant workflows are triggered as needed and teams are always up-to-date so they can quickly resolve critical issues.

Learn more about the BigPanda JIRA Incidents Integration.

Changes Integration

The Jira Changes integration notifies BigPanda of any new or updated changes in your Jira Change Management, ensuring these changes are available for use in the RCA process with BigPanda's Root Cause Changes feature.

Learn more about the BigPanda JIRA Changes Integration.

Installing the Integration

In BigPanda

Administrators can install the integration by following the on-screen instructions in BigPanda. For more information, see Installing an Integration.

In Jira

  1. In Jira, navigate to Find new apps.
  2. Select the BigPanda app from the list of applications in the Atlassian Marketplace.
  3. Install the BigPanda application. The BigPanda integration appears activated in the list of integrations.
  4. In the Authentication section, enter the appropriate keys.



Access Token

Enter the BigPanda access token.


Enter the BigPanda API Key here. To learn more about using API keys, see the BigPanda docs.

  1. Select Save.

BigPanda allows you to configure and integrate with customized settings for each Jira project. The Projects section displays all your BigPanda Integrations linked to Jira projects. You can edit or delete each project here.

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