Getting Help

At BigPanda, we're committed to giving you the tools and information you need to be successful. So, we offer multiple ways to get the help you need, when you need it. You can send us messages from inside the application, use the Docs and FAQs to find information and ask questions to the community, or open a ticket with support. Contact us anytime—we're here to help!

Contacting BigPanda From Inside The Application

When you log in to BigPanda, the Messenger button appears in the bottom corner of the screen. Use this feature to send and receive messages directly with the BigPanda team.

Sending Messages

  1. Click the Messenger button.The message window opens on the right side of the screen.
  2. Click New Conversation or select an existing conversation.
  3. Enter your message in the text field at the bottom of the window.
    You can attach files by clicking on the paper clip in the lower right. All file types are supported and can be up to 20MB in size.
  4. Click Send:
  • The message is sent to the BigPanda team.
    The BigPanda team responds within the time specified in your support tier SLA. Refer to your contract for guaranteed response times on support services.
  • The response message appears in the conversation and you receive an email.
  1. You can continue to correspond with the BigPanda team from the message window or by responding to the email. The BigPanda team may open a support ticket to get help from additional team members, if necessary. A link to the ticket will be available in the conversation.

Viewing Existing Conversations

You can see any conversations you've had with BigPanda from inside the application by clicking the Messenger button. If you're viewing an existing conversation, click the back arrow to return to the list of conversations.

Viewing Announcements

BigPanda sometimes sends you a message to announce a new feature or service that is available to you. The announcement can appear across the full screen, as a window in the top right corner, or as a small text popup beside the Messenger button.

  1. Click the announcement to read it.
  2. (Optional) Send a message to provide feedback or ask a question.
  3. Click the X in the top right to close the message window.
    The message is saved to your list of conversations.

Using BigPanda Docs and API Reference

BigPanda offers support documentation for common questions and API reference information for developers.

  • BigPanda Docs––comprehensive reference guides for how to use BigPanda features and functions.

  • BigPanda API Reference––REST API structures, example code, JSON objects, and parameters.

You can search the Docs and API Reference together or filter results to see only one or the other.

Opening a Ticket

You can submit a question or request directly to our technical support team.

  • From BigPanda Docs and FAQs, click the Help button in the bottom right.
  • Send an email to [email protected].

View your open tickets by logging in with the email address you used to contact BigPanda.