BigPanda Callback Service

Improve bidirectional stability for your integrations by enabling BigPanda’s callback service.

The callback service allows BigPanda to verify that an entity (ticket, page, message, etc.) has been successfully created in the target system and that a bidirectional sync has been established.

This service is optional, but highly recommended. It will confirm your integration is configured correctly and prevent any updates from being lost.

BigPanda callback service

BigPanda callback service

When the callback service is enabled, BigPanda will await an API call from the integrated application before sending any incident updates, such as new alerts or alert state changes.

While waiting for a callback, further updates from BigPanda will be “locked” and will not be posted until a response has been received, thus “unlocking” the incident on BigPanda’s side.

Incident updates (additional correlated alerts, incident tag updates, etc.) are queued while BigPanda waits for the incident to be unlocked. If no API call is performed, the share will unlock after 5 minutes and any queued updates will populate.


Optional Feature

The callback service does not have to be enabled for your integration to work. However, if the service is not enabled and updates are sent from BigPanda to an outbound integration while a ticket is being created, it's possible that those updates will be dropped.

Enable the Callback Service

Administrators can enable the callback service for Notifications Webhook integrations by checking the box during the integration installation process.

Enable the callback service

Enable the callback service

For the callback service to function properly, your API call must include all of the following data:


Required headers:
Authorization: Bearer 

  "event_type": "incident#new",
  "incident_id": "",
  "app_key": ""

    "status": 200,
    "data": {}

Event Types

The callback service currently works only with the following event types, which will trigger as defined by your environment’s AutoShare rules:

Event TypeDescription
incident#newA new incident is created in BigPanda.
incident#updatedA new alert was correlated to the incident OR an alert was resolved within the incident, but not all alerts.
incident#commentComment made on an incident in BigPanda. 
incident#closedIncident resolved in BigPanda
incident-tag#upsertedA change was made to an incident tag.

Disable the Callback Service

  1. In BigPanda, navigate to the Integrations tab and select the desired integration from the list.
  2. In the integration details on the right, select Configuration.
  3. In Setup Instructions, scroll down to the Enable Callback Service step.
  4. Uncheck the Enable callback service box.