API Fortress

API Fortress handles testing and monitoring of APIs, recognizing payload vulnerabilities or flaws and facilitating corrective actions without writing code. Build this integration to correlate API Fortress alerts into high-level incidents in BigPanda.

Supported Versions


Authentication Type

SaaS and On-Premise Deployments


Bearer Token


Using Sample Code

These samples are meant to provide a helpful starting point for your custom integration. Though you may be able to copy some of the samples and use them without modifications, your system administrators must review and test all scripts and methods before using them, as per good practices.

How It Works

API Fortress is a platform for the entire API lifecycle, from design to launch. A platform that monitors the performance of your APIs, validates the accuracy of the entire payload, and provides real-time insights to all stakeholders. Without any coding, and entirely automated. Achieve true test-driven development.


  • Manager Access to a paid API Fortress Account.

  • BigPanda Account.

Step 1. In BigPanda, create an App Key.

  1. In BigPanda, click the Integrations tab at the top of the screen.

  2. In the left pane, click New Integration.

  3. On the Monitoring tab, click Alerts REST API.

  4. In Step 1, enter the name of the integration. For example, enter API Fortress.

  5. Click Generate App Key.

  6. Copy the following information to use in Step 2.

  • Authorization Header, located under the HTTP headers section. For example, Bearer 0z12345z1z123zzz12z1z1z1z1z1zz12.

  • App Key. For example, 1234zz12z1z12z1z123zzz1z1z1234zz.

Step 2. In API Fortress, configure the connector to send alerts to BigPanda.

  1. In API Fortress, click the gear icon, and then click Alert Groups.

This section manages all the API Fortress connectors.

  1. Enter a Label for the integration. For example, enter BigPanda.

  2. Click Edit Connectors, and then click +Connector to this Group.

  3. Select the BigPanda.io connector.

  4. Enter the authorization header and app key from BigPanda that you copied in Step 1.

  1. Click the check icon.

API Fortress now sends all alerts from scheduled events to BigPanda.

Step 3. Test the Integration by sending a Test Alert.

  1. In API Fortress, add an incorrect assertion in your test and schedule it to run.

  2. In BigPanda, go to the Incidents tab to confirm that the test alert was received.
    Be sure to clean up any test data in API Fortress and resolve the incident in BigPanda.