Analytics Troubleshooting


In Analytics, a Top Alerting chart does not display any data.

Symptoms & Diagnosis (Option 1):

The following message appears:

`No data matches the selected criteria...

Possible Causes

  • The grouping field is not related to the selected data. For example, the selected grouping field relates only to AppDynamics alerts, but the selected Environment contains only Nagios data.

  • No alerts have been generated for the selected Environment and data range.


  • Adjust the grouping field by customizing the widget.

  • Adjust the report filter selections for Environment and date range.

Symptoms & Diagnosis (Option 2)

The following message appears:

Oops! An error occurred...

Possible Causes

An error occurred in BigPanda or a connecting system.


  • Try running the report again by reloading the page.

  • If some time has passed and the report still won't load, you can contact BigPanda support.