ServiceNow Enhancements Nov 21

The BigPanda ServiceNow App now supports even more functionality to deepen and improve the management of ServiceNow incidents. This latest version includes new features for:

  • BigPandaUtils Class - The class has been updated to include incident tag functions for easier access to the entire list or individual items
  • Incident Tags Mapping - Users can now sync Incident Tags to SNOW Incident Fields for bi-directional sync
  • CMDB Override Existing Option - Users can now provide a list of columns that can have the override_existing property set to true in the enrichment maps
  • CMDB Aggregate Map - Users now have an option for a table/view that will aggregate a map based on the provided query key. (Note: BP has an array limit of 15 items)
  • Maintenance for Outage Table - Users now have the option to create a BigPanda Maintenance table for planned maintenance and outages
  • Support for Relationship Tables
  • Sync Change Tasks for RCC - Users can now toggle between the Change Request or the Change Task Table to create BigPanda Changes
  • Wildcard Support in Primary Alert Selection - Primary alert selection now supports the wildcard when matching, for example host=XYZ will match any host name starting with XYZ
  • Bug fixes

The latest version of the BigPanda ServiceNow Integration can be downloaded from the ServiceNow Developer Portal.

If you are still using the older ServiceNow app from the ServiceNow app store, you may need to migrate to the new update set. Read more about migrating to the developer portal version here.

Read more about BigPanda’s ServiceNow bidirectional integration here (!