Release Notes - October 2021

What's New: AppDynamics V2.0, Incident Tags Increased Data Retention, AutoShare on Environment Change

AppDynamics V2.0

The BigPanda AppDynamics integration has been upgraded! The integration can now receive all event types in AppDynamics, not just Health Rule Violations. In addition, tags that do not match the normalizer will no longer be dropped but can be included as additional tags, and events now support the inclusion of a note field.

If you previously had integrated with AppDynamics, you will need to update to the newest version to use the latest functionality.

Read more about integrating with AppDynamics here!

Incident Tags Increased Data Retention

Incident tags are key-value pairs that can be added to incidents for additional incident enrichment. Tags can be used to sort your incidents to ensure that you have visibility on the most relevant tasks. Incident tags are currently in Beta and need to be enabled for your organization to use.

With this update, when an incident is resolved, its incident tags will remain tied to the incident for 18 months. If the incident is reopened, it will have all of the existing incident tags, with new ones added as the reopened incident develops.

Read more about using Incident Tags here!

AutoShare on Environment Change

AutoShare enables you to configure rules to automatically share BigPanda incidents to your collaboration and ticketing tools. As incidents are assigned to an environment, AutoShare rules escalate the incident through email, SMS, Jira tickets, or more. With this feature, when BigPanda incidents move to a different environment, any AutoShare rules tied to that environment will automatically trigger, sharing or updating the incident through the relevant channels.

Starting on October 19th, Improved AutoShare is being gradually pushed out to all customers over the next 4 weeks.

Read more about using AutoShare here!