Release Notes - November 2021

What's New: Updated ServiceNow App, Incidents API V2, Improved API Reference Hub, Enrichment Preview Performance Improvements

Updated ServiceNow App

The BigPanda ServiceNow App now supports even more functionality to deepen and improve the management of ServiceNow incidents. This latest version includes new features for:

  • Incident Tags Mapping
  • CDMB Aggregate Map Option
  • CMDB Override option for columns
  • Maintenance Plans for planned maintenance and outages

The latest version of the BigPanda ServiceNow Integration can be downloaded from the ServiceNow Developer Portal. If you are still using the older ServiceNow app from the ServiceNow app store, you may need to migrate to the new update set. Read more about migrating to the developer portal versions here.

Read more about BigPanda’s ServiceNow bidirectional integration here!

Incidents API V2

BigPanda's Incidents API allows you to manage BigPanda incidents externally and can be configured with external ticketing and monitoring tools.

The Incidents API (V2) is a deeply improved version of our previous Incidents API, adding key functionality for customers who use the back end of BigPanda or automated integrations.

The new Incidents API V2 enables you to:

  • Search for Incidents with BPQL (BigPanda Query Language)
  • Retrieve an Incident by ID
  • Merge incidents
  • Comment on Incident
  • Assign Incident
  • Unassign Incident
  • Snooze Incident
  • Unsnooze Incident
  • Add Incident Tags
  • Split an Incident

Read more about using the Incidents API V2 here!

Improved API Reference Hub

To make our APIs easier to use, understand, and access, our API Reference Hub has . This update streamlines and improves the API documentation experience. The new docs pages will include:

  • Revamped Look and Feel: The new UI makes it easier to find code samples, spot errors, identify required fields, and navigate
  • Single Page Endpoints: Instead of endless scroll, our APIs are now hosted on their own individual pages. This makes for easier linking and significantly easier navigation
  • Generate Code Dynamically: Create full code samples right in the docs page using interactive fields for each endpoint parameter. Code samples are generated automatically in several different languages with the defined parameters filled in

To learn more about the new functionality of the BigPanda API pages, watch a video with details on the new UI here or start exploring the API Reference Hub here!

Enrichment Preview Performance Improvements

Enrichment Preview now works better than ever thanks to a series of back end performance improvements.

Learn more about BigPanda's improved alert enrichment here!