Release Notes - May 2022

What's New: Revamped Login Page, Email Parser UI

Revamped Login Page (Coming Soon)

Logging into BigPanda is about to get even easier, with a new, improved login page.

Revamped Login PageRevamped Login Page

Revamped Login Page

For organization’s that use SSO integrations with BigPanda, users will be able to sign in using a single click SSO option.

All users will still have the option to sign in with email and password like today. If their organization uses SSO, they'll be automatically prompted to log into the SSO provider from that page.

Self Service Email Parser UI (Beta)

The Self Service Email Parser is a streamlined, simplified integration that gives you more flexibility when connecting to monitoring tools. This integration is able to extract alert data right from an email subject or body, including status, description, and additional properties. Now with an intuitive UI interface, preview capabilities, and the ability to support emails without in the received header, configuring an email parser is easier than ever.

Configuring an Email Parser in the UIConfiguring an Email Parser in the UI

Configuring an Email Parser in the UI

Read more about the Self Service Email Parser here!

System and Integration Improvements

  • Multiple Integrations - Improved coverage and error handling in Troubleshooting section
  • Jira Changes - Allow different domains for baseURL
  • Dynatrace Topology - Support Pagination