Release Notes - May 2021

What's New: Assignee Filter, BigPanda Formula Language (BPFL)

Assignee Filter

Incident Assignments allow you to identify an owner who is responsible for seeing the incident through to resolution.

The Assignee Filter update enables you to now filter the incident feed by assignee. You are able to filter by your own name to get a clear picture of incidents you are responsible for, or by another team-member's name for visibility on their workload.

Read more about filtering by assignee here!

BigPanda Formula Language (BPFL)

Incident tags add additional information to your incidents based on the needs of your organization, and can be added to incidents manually or using automated enrichment.

The new BigPanda Formula Language(BPFL) enables the use of complex calculations when configuring this automatic enrichment. BPFL is robust enough to pull information from alert tags or incident metadata, and supports the COUNT, UNIQUE, and IF functions in each formula.

This feature is currently only available through the Beta program and is not released for general availability. To request access to the Beta program, contact [email protected]

Read more about using BPFL here!