Release Notes - March 2022

What's New: Enrichment Preview Improvements, Get Activities API Endpoint

Enrichment Preview Improvements

With the complexity of modern ITOps, even small adjustments to enrichment logic can make big changes for managing incidents. To help you find the right enrichment logic, the Alert Enrichment engine offers a Preview capability to make testing and validating enrichment items easy.

We’ve revamped the preview process to make it easier than ever to rapidly develop, test & iterate enrichment logic. The new preview uses a sample of historical alerts from your own instance to demonstrate example values based on real data. Generate new preview values for each enrichment item with a single click of the button. Sample item values and extraction process is highlighted to help you spot missing or incorrect enrichment at a glance.

Enrichment PreviewEnrichment Preview

Enrichment Preview

Read more about using the Alert Enrichment Preview feature here!

Get Activities API Endpoint

Reporting, automation, and incident management is all easier than ever with the new Incidents API GET Activities functionality. This new endpoint allows you to query an incident to retrieve a list of all actions taken on the incident with key information on the time and user who performed the action.

This feature allows you to pull the full activity log, or use a query to pull only specific activity types. Start making calls now to find details about incident activity including incident start, added comments, shares, root cause change updates, and more.

Read more about using the Get Activities endpoint here!

ETL Reporter Updates

The BigPanda reporter tool has new tables to help you understand and track your BigPanda data better.

New tables :

  • Matchers log - All correlation patterns that are applied when an incident is created or updated
  • RCC related changes - All of the changes suggested by the BigPanda algorithm

Read more about how BigPanda reports on data here!

System and Integration Improvements

  • PagerDuty Webhook v3 support - Added support for the new version while maintaining support for v2 webhooks
  • Email Parser - Support failover region deployments, correcting case discrepancy errors, added a new mail_source (sender) tag
  • CMDB Enrichment - Removed leading underscore characters when loading maps
  • Azure Monitor - Activity Log events are now being sent to BigPanda