Release Notes - January 2022

What's New: Settings Menu Change, Invite User Updates

Invite User Update

Adding users to your BigPanda account is easier than ever with an updated invite process and intuitive email invitations. Streamline your ITOps by bringing your whole team together within BigPanda.

Read more about Managing Users here!

Invitation to BigPanda EmailInvitation to BigPanda Email

Invitation to BigPanda Email

Coming Soon! Settings Menu Change

The BigPanda settings menu is getting new organization to help you find the pages you need. Whether you are managing access or configuring BigPanda’s data processing rules, finding the settings you need is easier than ever.

Some of the setting page names have changed to better reflect the setting being managed:

  • Correlation Patterns is now Alert Correlation
  • Incident Tags is now Incident Enrichment
  • Maintenance Plans is now Planned Maintenance
  • Personal Settings is now found under the user menu by clicking on your name

Learn more about managing BigPanda settings here!

System and Integration Improvements