Release Notes - February 2022

What's New: BPFL - Filter Function, Self Service Email Parser, Mobile Improvements

BPFL - Filter Function

An all new function has been added to the BigPanda Formula Language, allowing for the easy creation of more complex incident tags. This function extracts an array of values based on a conditional value for a metadata field. Unlike the other functions, the Filter function allows customers to set conditions based on alert metadata like primary property, status, and source system. Read more about how the Filter Function works here!

Self Service Email Parser (Beta)

The Self Service Email Parser is a streamlined, simplified integration that gives you more flexibility when connecting to monitoring tools. This integration is able to extract alert data right from an email subject or body, including status, description, and additional properties. This email parser can be configured using a simple API. Read more about the Self Service Email Parser API here!

Mobile Improvements

In the lightning-fast world of ITOps, it’s vital to be able to respond to outages no matter where you are. With this update, the BigPanda incident feed is streamlined on mobile devices, making it easier than ever to find and view incidents, dig into their details, and take action, even on the go.

Incident Overview on MobileIncident Overview on Mobile

Incident Overview on Mobile

Learn more about using BigPanda on mobile here!