Release Notes - December 2021

What's New: Correlation Patterns API, UI Facelift

Correlation Patterns API

The new Correlation Patterns API enables administrators to use the API interface to manage patterns BigPanda uses to correlate alerts together into high level incidents. Create, Retrieve, Update, or Delete correlation patterns to tailor alert correlation to the specifics of your infrastructure and system.


EV2 Required

The Correlation Patterns API uses the underlying systems of the Enrichment V2 Engine. Your organization must have migrated to Enrichment V2 to use the Correlation Patterns API.

Read more about using the Correlation Patterns API here!

UI Facelift

BigPanda has upgraded to a sleeker, smoother UI to make navigating and viewing incidents in-app even easier. While the look and feel of the platform is different, the features you know and love are the same.

BigPanda's New Look and FeelBigPanda's New Look and Feel

BigPanda's New Look and Feel

Have a look at the new BigPanda UI here!