ServiceNow Installation Instructions

How to Integrate ServiceNow with BigPanda

Create an App Key

First create an App Key. You'll need a separate App Key for each integrated system.

Install the BigPanda Application in ServiceNow

1. Download the BigPanda application Update Set from the ServiceNow Developer Portal or Right Here.

2. Navigate to System Update Sets > Retrieved Update Sets. Once imported the application should now be available from the Navigation Pane and Scope

3. Under Related Links, click on Import Update Set from XML

4. Once imported the application should now be available from the Navigation Pane and Scope

Connect ServiceNow to BigPanda

To setup the BigPanda application in ServiceNow, use the All Applications Navigation pane to find the BigPanda application to open the Configuration Page.

Bearer Token$TOKEN
API KeyCreate one in the BigPanda console
Incidents App Key$YOUR_APP_KEY

1. Activate the Incidents module by checking the Active box under Incidents

2. Using the details above, fill in the inputs for Bearer Token, API Key, and Incidents App Key

3. For further configuration details please refer to the ServiceNow Incidents documentation

4. Once the fields have been configured, press the Submit button at the bottom of the page

Create a User for BigPanda in ServiceNow

1. In ServiceNow, under User Administration > Users, click on New

2. Fill out the New User form (make sure to include the following fields):

  • User ID - bigpanda
  • First name - BigPanda
  • Password - $Create_a_Password
  • Make sure that the Active checkbox is checked

3. Click on Submit

4. Find the user by writing bigpanda in the filter box above the User ID column

5. Go to Roles section (the first section) and click on Edit...

6. Filter "x_bip_panda_user" on the left table and then double click on it to move it to the right table

7. Click on Save

Configure Integration Webhook

Within the BigPanda integrations console, configure the webhook.

1. For the field x-bp-servicenowUrl enter the URL of your ServiceNow account. Go to the ServiceNow dashboard and copy the address before /, for input

2. Enter the password from the account created in the previous section in x-bp-servicenowPassword field

3. Enter the User API Key

4. Add any additional custom headers if needed. Refer to the ServiceNow Incidents documentation

5. Click Configure Webhook

Testing the integration

Manually share an existing BigPanda Incident to this newly created integration