ServiceNow Changes Installation Instructions

How to Integrate ServiceNow Changes with BigPanda

Create an App Key

First create an App Key. You'll need a separate App Key for each integrated system.

Create a BigPanda API Key

1. Follow these instructions on generating an API Key

2. Note the API Key for use later in the setup

Install & Configure the BigPanda Application

1. Download the BigPanda application Update Set from the ServiceNow Developer Portal or Right Here.

2. Navigate to System Update Sets > Retrieved Update Sets. Once imported the application should now be available from the Navigation Pane and Scope

3. Under Related Links, click on Import Update Set from XML

4. Once imported the application should now be available from the Navigation Pane and Scope

5. Select the Configuration page in the navigation pane

6. Enter your BigPanda org token in Bearer Token, the API key generated in Step 2 in API Key and the App key generated in Step 1 in Changes App Key

7. Scroll down to the Changes section and set to Active to enable editing

8. Provide the field names for Start time, End time, Change State, Identifier and Change Summary

9. Under State Mapping, enter all valid change states under the four change state categories

10. If affected configuration items are desired in payload, check Affected CI's

11. If all fields are to be displayed in BigPanda, scroll down to bottom and click Submit

For more information on the configuration fields please view our documentation here.

Advanced Configuration

Hide Specific Change Properties in Console

By default BigPanda displays all properties from your ServiceNow change in the BigPanda Console. If you wish to hide certain properties you can use the hide field in the configuration. Each comma separated field will be hidden within the BigPanda console.

Note: These properties will still be available in the change metadata and usable during algorithmic correlation


The BigPanda App logs into the system log of ServiceNow. If no changes are making it to your BigPanda console, please review your ServiceNow logs for information on possible errors.