Integrations for Root Cause Changes

Integrations aid in collecting and organizing changes, funneling them from your organization into BigPanda.


Before installing an integration, check that your organization has the Prerequisites covered.

Integrating a Change System

  1. In the Integrations tab of the BigPanda interface, click New Integration.
  2. On the Create New Integration page, click the Changes tab and select an integration. You will be redirected to the integration instructions.
RCC IntegrationsRCC Integrations

RCC Integrations

Out-of-the-Box Change Integrations

BigPanda’s OOTB integrations collect and normalize change data from change feeds (ie: CI/CD pipelines, Change Management tools, auditing systems, and orchestration tools), making it easy for administrators to connect BigPanda to your organization's change feeds.
To read more about the specific Changes integrations please see the list of integrations available for Root Cause Changes.

Changes REST API Integration

Connect to change feeds without an Out-of-the-Box integration by using the Changes REST API. Implement the Changes REST API to link your organization's legacy and in-house change feeds to BigPanda so you can easily integrate them with your existing tools and workflows.

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