Prioritizing Incidents

Use the Priority incident tag to highlight the importance or urgency of incidents.



This feature is currently only available through the Beta program and is not released for general availability. To request access to the Beta program, contact [email protected].

Priority tags create a sortable hierarchy to mark in which order incidents should be addressed. Priority tags make it easier to view the importance and urgency of your incidents at a glance.

To learn more about how priority tags work in BigPanda, please see the Incident Tags documentation.

Incident Feed with Priority TagsIncident Feed with Priority Tags

Incident Feed with Priority Tags

Priority tags are visible at the top left of incidents in both the feed and the details Overview tab, next to the incident severity.

Priority can be assigned from the incident feed or from the Overview tab of the incident details pane.

Priority tags can also be used to sort incidents, allowing you to keep your eye on the most important and urgent issues.


Incidents that have not been prioritized will not show the priority box on the ribbon, but hovering over the incident ribbon will bring up the icon to set priority.

Assigning Priority

Priority tags can be assigned from both the incident feed and the incident details pane.

To assign a priority tag:

  1. In the incidents tab, select the incident that you wish to assign a priority to
  2. Select the Priority Tag Marker next to the incident’s alert count in the incident feed or in the incident details pane to open the priority tag dropdown
  3. Select the priority marker from the options
Priority Tag DropdownPriority Tag Dropdown

Priority Tag Dropdown

From the incident feed, you can assign priority to multiple incidents at a time by marking the checkboxes next to the relevant incidents and selecting a priority from the dropdown.

Sorting by Priority

You can use priority tags to sort the incident feed to bring the highest priority incidents to the top of the feed.

To sort the incident feed by priority:

  1. In the incidents tab, select the Sort icon above the incident feed.
  2. Select Priority.
Sort by DropdownSort by Dropdown

Sort by Dropdown


Incidents that are not assigned a priority will be listed under the prioritized incidents by Last Changed.

Priority tags remain tied to an incident for up to 18 months after it has been resolved.

Managing Priority Options

If Priority does not appear available on your incidents, your organization may not have priority tags enabled, or it may have been deactivated. If you have questions about the priority tag and enabling it, please speak to your administrator or reach out to [email protected] to request access to the Beta program.

By default, once you’ve opted into the Priority beta, your environment will have Priority tags enabled, with pre-configured settings. These settings can be customized to better fit the needs of your organization. To learn more about customizing priority tags please see the Managing Incident Tags documentation.

To learn more about how Priority Tags work in BigPanda, please see the Incident Tags Documentation.