Prioritizing Incidents (Beta)

Configure the Priority incident tag to mark which incidents in your incident feed should be handled first.



This feature is currently only available through the Beta program and is not released for general availability. To request access to the Beta program, contact [email protected].


Relevant Permissions

Roles with the following permissions can see, create and edit the Priority incident tag:


View priorities on incidents in some or all environments.


View, add, edit or remove the Priority incident tag.

To learn more about how BigPanda's permissions work, see RBAC - Role Based Access Control.

Configuring a Priority Tag

You can configure your own Priority incident tag within BigPanda to create a customized hierarchy for the incidents in each environment.
To configure a Priority incident tag:

  1. In the the BigPanda Settings menu, select Incident Tags.
  1. Select the Priority tag and click the Edit button at the bottom or in the details pane to the right.
  1. Under Add a Note, you can add details about the prioritization structure. You can assign levels, names and associated colors to your priorities. You also have the option to describe the priority/add instructions in the Description field.
  2. You can slide the toggle at the top right of the details pane to activate or deactivate Priority for your account.

Assigning Priority

When you assign priorities to incidents you create a sortable hierarchy that serves as a guideline for the order in which incidents should be addressed and resolved. You can assign priority from the incident feed or from the incident details pane.

  1. In the Incidents tab, select the incident in the feed that you wish to prioritize.
  2. From the dropdown located next to the incident's alert count (in the incident feed or in the details pane on the right), select the priority you wish to assign.

You can assign priority to multiple incidents at a time by marking the checkboxes next to the relevant incidents in the incident feed and selecting a priority from the dropdown.

Sorting by Priority

Next to the Incident Search bar at the top the the Incident Feed, click on the Sort icon and select Priority. Incidents assigned the highest priority will be listed first. All incidents that are not assigned a priority will be listed under the prioritized incidents by Last Changed.

Deactivating a Priority Level

You can deactivate levels of the Priority incident tag individually by clicking the Edit icon and sliding the toggle next to each level in the resulting Edit Incident Tag window. You can no longer assign this level of priority to incidents but it's still visible for incidents that already have it.


When a level is deactivated, incidents marked with that level are still sortable by priority because the incident is still marked with the ID associated with its original priority level.

Deactivating the Priority Tag

To deactivate the Priority tag, slide the toggle in the Priority details section to the left. In the resulting popup, click Deactivate.


When the Priority tag is deactivated, incidents are still marked with their original priority but they are no longer sortable and priority can no longer be assigned.

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Prioritizing Incidents (Beta)

Configure the Priority incident tag to mark which incidents in your incident feed should be handled first.

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