Jira Installation Instructions

How to Integrate Jira with BigPanda

Create an App Key

First create an App Key. You'll need a separate App Key for each integrated system.

Create a BigPanda API Key

1. Follow these instructions to create an API Key

2. Note the API Key for use later in the setup

Configure the Integration Webhook

1. Set the value of the x-bp-api-key header below to the API Key you created in the previous step

2. Click Configure Webhook in the BigPanda Integrations Console

Install the BigPanda App in Jira

Install the BigPanda Jira Application from the Atlassian Marketplace

1. In Jira navigate to Settings > Find new apps

2. Search for BigPanda

3. Click the BigPanda application

4. Click the yellow Get app button

5. Click Get it now to install the BigPanda Jira applicaiton

6. Wait while the install finishes

Connect Jira to BigPanda

1. In Jira from the top bar navigate to Apps > BigPanda

2. Fill in the Access Token and API Key fields with the following values:

Access Token$TOKEN
API KeyAPI Key Created Earlier

3. Click Save

Basic Configuration of the Jira Integration

1. From the BigPanda app configuration select Projects

2. Click Add Project to connect a Jira Project to this integration. The Project Configuration form should appear.

3. Fill in the App Key field with the following value:


4. Select the Jira Project you wish to connect to this integration

5. Select the Jira Issue Type you wish to use for issues created by this BigPanda integration

6. Configure the Incident Synchronization behavior

7. Configure the Status Mapping behavior, defining which Jira issues status to use for each status change operation

8. Configure the Priority Mapping behavior, selecting the default Jira issued priority as well as what Jira issue priority to use for each BigPanda incident priority

9. Click Save to save your changes

After saving any BigPanda incidents that are share to this integration will create corresponding issues in Jira.

Advanced Configuration and Customization

The fields on the configuration page can be updated and customized to reflect your unique needs.

Please see the Jira Cloud integration's public documentation for more information on the parameters available to configure and customize the Jira Integration.