Jenkins Installation Instructions

How to Integrate Jenkins with BigPanda

Create an App Key

First create an App Key. You'll need a separate App Key for each integrated system.

Create a BigPanda API Key

1. Follow these instructions on generating an API Key

2. Note the API Key for use later in the setup

Install & Configure the BigPanda Plugin

1. In your Jenkin's instance, navigate to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins.

2. Under the Available tab, search for the BigPanda Notifier plugin.

3. Install the BigPanda Notifier plugin, waiting for Jenkins to restart if necessary.

4. Once the install has finished, navigate to Manage Jenkins > Configure System.

5. In the BigPanda Notifier settings provide the following values for api_key and app_key:

api_keyAPI Key Created Earlier

6. Click Apply and then Save


The BigPanda Notifier logs to your Jenkins build logs. If you are encountering issues you can check these logs for more details.

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