Incident Feed Wallboard

Present your Incident Feed with a global view and comprehensively track activity.


The Incident Feed Wallboard allows you to view the active Incident Feed from a higher level view and opens into a full-screen. When open, incidents are displayed in a widened single row format to allow for a greater number of incidents to be displayed on one screen.

All details shown in the conventional Incident Feed are retained. Additionally, a status tag is included at the end of each record to help with easier focus and assessment of information.

Standard workflow actions such as Comment, Snooze, Assign, and Share are still enabled and accessible in the Wallboard view.

Using the Incident Feed Wallboard

Every Incident Feed in the console allows for the expansion into the full-screen Wallboard view.

Toggling the full-screen Wallboard.Toggling the full-screen Wallboard.

Toggling the full-screen Wallboard.

Open Wallboard

Navigate to the All Incidents environment or to a specific environment of choice and select the full-screen​ button in that feed to launch the Wallboard.

Close Wallboard

Select the full-screen​ button at the upper right-hand corner, while in Wallboard view, to close out of it.

A common place for the Incident Feed Wallboard to be displayed is on a dedicated monitor in a NOC. Having the Incident Feed, which the operator normally sees on a personal computer, on a centralized screen in a denser format offers better collaboration with team members. While in this view, it provides quick at-a-glance updates of the infrastructure's health. This is especially helpful for organizations with high activity levels and is a better way to keep up with new Incidents streaming in.


Session management is disabled while in the Wallboard view and the console will not automatically logout.

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