Grafana Installation Instructions

How to Integrate Grafana with BigPanda

Create an App Key

First create an App Key. You'll need a separate App Key for each integrated system.

Setup Notification Channel in Grafana

1. Login to your Grafana instance

2. In the left sidebar click the alerting icon (bell) then open the Notification channels tab

3. Click the New channel button

4. Fill in the form as follows:

Channel Settings
NameUseful channel name, such as BigPanda
Send on all alertsCheck the box if you’d like to send all alerts to BigPanda. If not then you will need to manually add the BigPanda notification channel to every alert
Include imageCheck the box if you’d like a link to an image of the metric to be available from the incident in BigPanda
Webhook Settings
Http MethodPOST
Usernameleave blank
Passwordleave blank

5. Click Send Test to ensure the configuration is correct. If successful a green toast message should appear saying Test Notification Sent and you should receive an alert in BigPanda

6. Click Save to save the notification channel

Assign Notification Channel to Alerts

Note: You can skip this step if you chose to send all alerts to the notification channel in the previous step.

Repeat the following process for every alert you wish to send to BigPanda:

1. Under the configuration for the alert click on Notifications

2. Click the + icon in the Send Top section of the form

3. Select the BigPanda notification channel created in the previous step

4. Save the dashboard

Advanced Configuration

Sending Custom Properties with Alerts

You can use the BigPanda Grafana integration to send custom attributes along with your alerts. You do this by adding a configuration block to the notification message on each alert you want to send custom attributes for.

1. Locate and open for editing the panel with the alert you wish to edit

2. Open the Alert > Notifications section

3. In the Message field add the [bigpanda_config] config block to the end, customizing as needed.

Your normal alert message text, no need to change me...

my_custom_prop_1 = value_1
my_custom_prop_2 = value_2

The configuration section is INI format and supports comments and arrays according to the INI format. You can add as many custom properties as you wish.

Note: All text after the [bigpanda_config] section will be treated as part of the configuration. All text before will be processed normally as part of the alert description.

4. Save the dashboard

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