BigPanda Analytics are centered in 8 reports designed to provide insights that you can use to make better decisions about your infrastructure. BigPanda reports draw on alert and incident metadata to create on-demand snapshots of your data for a specific period of time. By default users can retrieve data on alert types, incident actions, and key statistics like MTTA and MTTR. Each report helps you visualize trends in your monitoring data and root cause changes to help you identify hot spots in your environment and see how BigPanda is correlating alerts into actionable incidents.

Analytics Feature in BigPandaAnalytics Feature in BigPanda

Analytics Feature in BigPanda

BigPanda’s reports can each be customized to reflect the data important to your organization’s success. In addition, custom reports can be created to help your team answer specific questions about your system or team data.

Reports enable you to understand and proactively monitor your infrastructure for increased up-time and reduced mean time to resolution (MTTR).