CloudWatch Installation Instructions

How to Integrate CloudWatch with BigPanda

Create an App Key

First create an App Key. You'll need a separate App Key for each integrated system.

Create and Configure CloudFormation Stack

The CloudWatch integration leverages a CloudFormation Template that creates a Stack to deploy all necessary resources in your AWS instance

1. Go to the CloudFormation service in your AWS Account Console

2. Select Create Stack followed by "With new resources (standard)"

3. In the Specify Template section, select Amazon S3 URL

4. Copy and Paste the following URL:

5. Select Next

6. Fill out the following parameters:

Stack DetailsDefault ValuesDescription
Stack NameUnique identifier for the CloudFormation Stack
AppKey$YOUR_APP_KEYIntegration App Key
BearerToken$TOKENAccess Token
DailyEventRulefalseIf enabled, a CloudWatch Event Rule is created to trigger an AWS Lambda function.
SubscribeAllfalseIf enabled, a Lambda Function will be created in the AWS Account that will have an associated IAM Role and Policy to retrieve a list of all CloudWatch Alarms and add the BigPanda Topic to them.
TopicNameBigPanda_TopicIf you would like to name the topic something other than the default.

7. After adding all your parameters, click Next.

8. You can configure Stack options if desired, then click Next

9. Review the Stack, and click on Create Stack

10. Check the Stack details to confirm the Stack deployed successfully.

Manually add the Topic to CloudWatch Alarms

If the SubscribeAll parameter in the CloudFormation Stack was set to false, you will need to add the Topic to your Alarms manually. Follow the steps below.

1. Go to CloudWatch in your AWS Account.

2. Click on Alarms on the left hand side.

3. Check an Alarm you want to edit. Then click on the Edit button.

4. Click next to skip Step 1: Specify metric and conditions

5. Step 2: Configure Actions is where we will add the BigPanda Topic.

6. Select add notification

7. Select the 'In Alarm' Alarm State Trigger.

8. Leave the Select an existing SNS topic option selected.

9. Within the input field, you should be able to search for the BigPanda Topic.

10. Follow steps 6-9 for the Alarm State Triggers 'OK' and 'Insufficient Data'

11. Once done, you can click on Update Alarm

More information can be provided in our public documentation