BigPanda Beta Program

The BigPanda Beta program is a partnership between users and the BigPanda team. Early adopters can get access to new features that are still under development and provide feedback that directly impacts the product strategy.

Providing Feedback

We're always happy to hear from you! You can provide feedback at any time, whether or not you are participating in a current Beta program. Contact us via our standard support channels.

Joining a Beta Program

Access to a feature that is in Beta release is limited to users who are part of the Beta program for it. Generally, Beta means the feature is functioning, and development is focused on bugs, UI polish, and stability. Features may have additional limitations while in Beta release and are not meant for production use. Expect that the feature may change and data may be reset before the final release.

If you are interested in testing a feature that is currently in Beta release, please contact us via our standard support channels.