Release Notes - July 2021

What's New: Improved AutoShare Editor, Environments Query Language Support, and New Environments API

Improved AutoShare Editor

AutoShare defines rules to automatically share BigPanda incidents to ticketing systems, collaboration tools, or specific team members, helping your team manage incidents better, faster.

The AutoShare editor has been updated to streamline your AutoShare management. You can now configure all AutoShare settings and messages in one step, ensuring each shared incident has the necessary details for your team to take action.

AutoShare EditorAutoShare Editor

AutoShare Editor

Additionally, the AutoShare settings page has an updated UI to better match the look and feel of the BigPanda experience.

The new AutoShare editor will be rolling out throughout July.

Read more about using AutoSharing here!

Environments BPQL Support

BigPanda Environments group incidents together for improved automation and visibility.

In addition to the Basic environment builder, BigPanda environments now support BigPanda Query Language (BPQL) to create criteria and conditions for environments. The Advanced editor is ideal for complex environments that may be tedious to create in the Basic editor, for environments that are built from Unified Search results, or for organizations that use BigPanda APIs to manage their systems.

Advanced Environment EditorAdvanced Environment Editor

Advanced Environment Editor

The Advanced editor must be enabled by Customer Support. To request access to the Environments Advanced editor feature, contact [email protected]

Read more about using the Advanced editor here!

Environments API (BETA)

The new Environments API enables administrators to use BigPanda Query Language to manage their custom environments. Create, Retrieve, Update, or Delete Environments to improve AutoShare, Dashboards, and team workflows.

The Environments API is currently only available through the Beta program and is not released for general availability. To request access to the Beta program, contact [email protected]

Read more about using the Environments API here!